On-site Consulting (UK only)

Whilst I'm quite choosy about which sites I build and get involved with long-term, I'm ending up as a bit of a "born again" internet marketer/evangelist so if you just want consultancy then I'm happy to oblige. Adwords, autoresponders, google rankings and particularly *conversions* are subjects I literally cannot get enough of.

After a 4-hour consultation you will not be short of ways to improve your internet marketing performance.

If your ad-agency are giving you the run-around with adwords, you want a different take on how to reach and keep your customers or you just want an independent opinion then get in touch.

For a nominal fee of £1199.99 I'll spend an afternoon (4hrs) with you at your office in the UK where we try and define your marketing problem and work out some strategies for you to explore to work towards reaching your marketing goals.

Unfortunately unless you are actively tracing your results, I may as well save you the money and tell you *for free* that you need to start with that, otherwise you're just throwing money in a hole and hoping for the best.

That would be a lot of money to pay only for me to tell you (or your MD) to set up Google analytics & conversion tracking, but if that's what it takes to make it happen, then it's ultimately still money well spent.

4-Hour on-site consultation with up to four of your staff

(or get in touch via the contact form)

Phone consultations
Alternatively I can do a consultation by phone. Initially I'd recommend going for a 30-min consult - that should give us time to get a feel for the main thing that needs improving on your business and start to define a few ways to achieve that goal.

If you find you're able to work with what I recommend, we can then take a more in-depth look in a follow-up consultation.

30mins £149.99

(or get in touch via the contact form)

60 mins £279.99 (Save 6%)

(or get in touch via the contact form)

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