Please note: I now have some capacity for new Adwords-type projects if you are interested. Please contact for up-to-date references.

Welcome to Plus8 Web Development.

I'm a web consultant and programmer based in the UK. Over the last couple of years I've been specialising more and more in "sales funnel" type systems. Basically I make "machines" or systems which produce money or sales leads and preferably are as automated as possible. As you can probably imagine that's turning out to be a popular skill to have. I've digested it down to a very simple mission statement:

Multiply money using adwords (and code)

I've been writing websites for people on and off for well over a decade now but feel I have only in the last couple of years really found my niche with sales-orientated programming and online marketing.

Since getting my first server in October '07 I've taken on a small selection of clients/sites and am working with them to help them develop the sites to get the kind of results they want. This has included general web programming and design as well as running Adwords campaigns, building mailing lists or applying other internet marketing strategies to achieve specific results.

I run my own DVD-downloads website and e-shop part-time so I need to stay current on online marketing techniques and web technology. Fortunately I can reapply what I learn for my clients too, as well as learning stuff from them I can apply to other projects.

Building decent sites takes effort and time, and requires an emotional investment as well as a time investment if it is to succeed. Because of that unless it's a really interesting random project, I mostly only work with/host people who are direct referrals of clients, friends and family, or friends and family themselves. I would rather have half a dozen clients whose businesses I truly understand, care about and can help with, than a hundred clients who I don't know.

My aim is not to get as many hosting clients/programming jobs as possible, but rather to work with a select few people and help them build value and grow their sites and businesses over a period of time. Think Jerry Maguire rather than Ebay. See the clients page for more info on the sort of thing I cover.

My "thing" is that I can take my clients from concept and researching their niche right through to the finished product which is producing money. I help not just with the website build, but with creative problem solving to help optimise the business process as a whole. What's more is this can happen entirely by email & phone. I have several clients who I've never met although we speak several times a day by email.

Services I offer my clients might include any or all of the following:

  • Initial keyword/market research
  • Choosing, aquiring, setting up domains
  • Building the site itself
  • Preparing (and occasionally creating) graphics for the web
  • Turning scribbles on post-its into clear, concise website copy
  • Hosting the site (gives us complete control over the environment)
  • Building server components for specific or distributed tasks (e.g. image/video processing)
  • Lead generation & after-sales via autoresponder/mailing lists
  • Generating traffic (e.g. by running adwords campaigns)
  • Building and testing landing pages
  • Search-engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Split-testing the ad campaigns and site content to improve conversions
  • Order management systems
  • Stats and reporting/analysis - interpreting the stats we collect to make profitable marketing decisions

and possibly the most important....

  • Kicking every backside which needs kicking to ensure we achieve the objectives we set.

There is a single point of contact (me). If I am not going to be available I arrange for a stand-in.

If you've been referred here then please either use the contact form or email me at info@plus8.net and we can go from there.