Crypto radiator mk3 – bring in the asics

So once again we had quite a cold winter and in our extension had to rely on additional electric heating to stay warm. So despite the crypto bear market/nuclear-winter my mind turned back to the crypto radiator idea.

Even though we had to turn the ASICs off when profitability dropped below our power costs, the idea of using mining as a rebate on heating actually still holds some water.

Given that for heating our default option is literally burning electricity and getting only heat from it.,.well, an antminer can still do better than that even if below mining profitability.

Another factor is that the extension gets damp as well as cold, so things like oil radiators aren’t even that useful since they don’t move much air. But nothing moves air like an antminer!

The previously most successful heating method (before crypto rad experiments) was an LCD projector which moved a lot of air and produced good heat, whilst only using ~150w..and it displayed pretty pics or video at the same time..multi-win.

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