Here's a bit of info about some of the sites I work on and host currently as well as in the past, as well as the sort of work I've done in each case. Hopefully this gives a decent idea of what I do. Naturally I can't really go divulging details of all my projects without offending NDAs, so here's what I *can* tell you:

Firebeans Crystal Therapy (and energy healing) (

This site is for my partner who is a crystal therapist. This site is part of a co-ordinated online and offline marketing effort targeting the Northampton/Milton Keynes area. In the space of a few months she now has a steady stream of face-to-face and distant-healing style therapy clients.

She has maximised the impact of her site by registering with various online business listings and by using social networking to maintain direct contact with her clients. She has produced original and highly targeted content consistently and diligently and has been enjoying free search engine traffic as a result.

  • Logo design
  • Website design, build & hosting
  • On and offline marketing strategies
  • Ongoing SEO

"I don't have a huge marketing budget but I've followed your advice re regularly writing original content for the site and using social networking and am actually getting more business from those efforts than from the paid advertising I've tested in the past! Thanks :)"

Jan 2010: From what we learned about her customers over recent months we developed a profitable adwords campaign. Since that campaign proved profitable we tested and ultimately rolled it out in a couple of other healing sub-niches worldwide on adwords. The end result was a flood of work which meant Katy was able to finally make the switch to go full-time... new testimonial just added below :)

I listened to Niki, and followed her marketing/business advice to the letter, within just a few months I had quit my old full-time job and had my new career fully functioning.

After just a few short months there is so much work coming in that we are currently looking at taking on a second therapist so that we can meet the demand. This has been an absolutely incredible start to my career - I never imagined that it could happen so quickly and so successfully.

We started out with me just giving Niki £10 to "see what she could do" regarding advertising on Adwords. And very quickly we had our first clicks and sales. From there we arranged a commission rate so that there is always money to fund the advertising and pay for Niki's services. I have always been so happy to pay Niki commission because she has worked very hard to get my business off the ground through her ninja advertising skills and every time I've needed to send her commission (or indeed a bonus I felt she more than deserved) I have been happy because this is proof that the sales are coming in and my business is working. I also know that with each commission payment I send her, the more work will come my way as a result. So it's an extremely productive spiral that seems to be going up, and up, and up!

I feel we have got my business to this point on a shoe-string budget marketing-wise. Initially Niki recommended that the best way for me to increase my advertising (whether I had money to spend on advertising or not) was *content* - and LOTS of it. So I began writing about everything to do with my work, and people online love it. They are always commenting on the amount of content I have and how informative it is. And that's just the beginning because I know from what Niki has told me that in order to keep my ranking in the search engines I need to keep adding more content. And because of the way my business is constantly expanding (because we are so busy) there is always something new to write about. My problem is just having the time to write the content because I have so much work coming in - hence looking to expand to new members of staff, so that I can keep this important part of the marketing going.

Blogging and Twittering are also essential ways to raise my profile online, as is entering my details into free online business databases. These are all things that Niki recommended in the early days of me starting up my business and I've definitely seen traffic coming to me because of these methods.

Niki thought outside of the box with my business and tried to come up with something that would grab people's attention and pull them in to my site. We settled on something that I could give people for free, at no cost except five minutes of my time and the cost of a click for a few pence. People love receiving something for free and as soon as we started this concept we were getting up to six enquiries a day. It was this that became our lead-generating machine.

I think the only difficult part of all this has been that I have needed to listen and follow the advice I have been given by Niki. I really don't have a good success rate at listening to advice! But I have seen Niki's work and have seen that those who haven't listened to his marketing advice have been nowhere near as successful as they could have been. I didn't want my own pride to get in the way of my career's success, so I got over myself and got on with it. And I'm so glad I did.

Can you tell? :D

K. Hill, Firebeans Crystal Therapy, March 2010

The Digital Asset Lab (

This site is for a company specialising in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. I've worked on and off with some of the members of this group for a number of years now and this evolution of their project sees them working with a number of recently developed software to provide some rather impressive DAM solutions.

The site itself has also been a journey since it started off as a mostly static HTML site and then once I got involved in the marketing/Adwords side of it we ended up adding a bunch of "active" elements. Eventually once we had a formula which was working we decided to shift the whole shebang to Drupal to allow better long-term growth and flexibility.

The sales process features a "wizard" sales widget we developed for the task and relies on a pretty-much even split of adwords and SEO traffic and has proven pretty effective at generating sales leads.

"Thank goodness I have you to watch my back"
A McDavid, (MD)

The Financial Services Company (

Website for another friend who runs a financial services company specialising in mortgages, insurance etc. More info to follow on this one soon too.

Executive Chauffeur Parking (

Meet & Greet / Valet parking service for London City airport. This was a tricky project, primarily because it is a heavily competetive field on Adwords, which is the main source of traffic. This meant we had to really use every technique available to us to make the most of the traffic.

The ad copy, keyphrases as well as the landing pages have all been *rigorously* tested and we spent quite a long time optimising the "sales funnel" using various testing systems including Google's "Website Optimiser" and some custom tools built specifically for the task. As a result the site currently converts roughly 1 in 6 visitors into a sale and enjoys approx 7:1 Advertising ROI.

  • Website build & hosting
  • Booking system & checkout
  • Order management back-end
  • Adwords campaign setup, optimisation and management
  • Landing pages & sales process optimisation
  • SEO
  • Ad and content optimisation

"You took us from zero orders to not just up-and-running but *profitable* in under 6 weeks! Our competition were not amused."

D. Maxwell, Executive Chauffeur Parking

December 2009: Sadly ECP had to shut down recently due to staff illness and some other problems resulting from that. It's a shame to have come all that way and then not carry on but it showed what can be done when the tools are applied correctly.

Search engines (google) are an ever-changing platform so what's number 1 today might not be tomorrow, but for what it's worth here are some of my past and present Google Number Ones and significant mentions (pdfs in a zip file).